Vermeer D10x15 S3 NAVIGATOR® suundpuurimise masin

D10x15 S3 Navigator® puurimismasin on usaldusväärne ning säästlik lahendus väiksemateks töödeks. Suurendab meeskonna tulemuslikkust, et saaksite kiiremini liikuda ühest töökohast teise. Rohkem jõudlust ja kiirust, väiksem müratase. D10x15 S3 võimaldab teil paigaldada rohkem väiksema ajakuluga.

Omadused ja eelised

  • Featuring an increase of almost 11% in carriage speed over its predecessor — the D9x13 S3 Navigator® HDD — the drill offers fast cycle times and enhanced productivity on the jobsite.
  • The D10x15 S3 stands out due to its compact design and light weight. With 44.5 kN of thrust/pullback and 2033.7 Nm of rotational torque, it has the power required for tough ground conditions and pulling reamers.
  • With a slender profile of 111.8 cm in width, the drill can easily maneuver within narrow jobsites and position side by side with a mix system on a trailer, helping to increase productivity when working in urban spaces.
  • A one-piece, hinged hood offers durability as well as convenient access to daily key service points.