Vermeer D8x12 NAVIGATOR® suundpuurimise masin

The D8x12 Navigator® horizontal directional drill offers innovation and brawn of a large drill with a compact body and enhanced performance of a small drill. This drill offers two rod options, straightforward controls, a narrow footprint and enhanced power with less sound disruption. It is ideal for small service installation, such as gas distribution, power, water and telecommunication networks.

Omadused ja eelised

  • This drill is 21.6 cm narrower in width than the next sized drill in the lineup and can get through a 91.4-cm gate or fit on a narrow trailer with other jobsite essentials.
  • Low noise emission levels at the operator’s ear of 85 dBa and a guaranteed sound power of 104 dBa makes this drill perfect for installing small utilities in an urban environment with minimal disruption.
  • Equipped with a 35.8-kW Kohler engine, this drill offers 1627 Nm of spindle torque and 34.9 kN of thrust/pullback.
  • Tracks offer ideal traction for operation while providing minimal ground disturbance. This track system design allows a forward ground drive speed of 4.5 km/h, which is 45% faster than the leading competitor.
  • Equip your drill with either a 1.8-m, 4.2 cm or 3.3 cm Firestick® drill rod and save time on the job with 54.9 m of on-machine rod carrying capacity.